Who I Am:

I'm Lily Herndon Weaks, a published author, owner of an indie publishing and media company (The Fig & The Vine, click here), current Urban 'Steader and Transitioning Rural 'Steader. I've been homesteading since way before the movement was hot... I used to just think I was anti-establishment, country-at-heart and way old timey! Finally, I'm in style at last, having been promoted from eccentric to hip (who knew?)... 

For years I've been writing about our experiences as urban 'steaders and as current rural land owners, as well as our hopes for full time living at our beloved farm in Aiken County, SC. (Check out my blogs below.)  Since I've been given so many opportunities to contribute to various publications and websites on these and other topics and have been desirous of planning a statewide Homestead Hub to unite others in this important movement, I thought I'd better collect my - ahem - portfolio (sounds high falutin' doesn't it) online. Please enjoy learning from all our experiences! 

So what's up now? 

I am currently working on a locavore-and-'steading-lifestyle publication and event called "InStead" right here in Charleston, SC. What fun to learn new skills, showcase local artisans, sell homemade goodies, and best of all figure out what we 'steaders need in the way of networking and resources to make our dreams come true? 

So what's up in the near future?

My ultimate dream is to use our farm  - with its river, trails, pond, and field -  as a venue for what I like to call "Field Studies"... a series of glamp-out (that is, camping with style) workshop weekends to help teach other aspiring 'steaders (urban, suburban & rural) all the wonderful skills embraced by the modern 'steading lifestyle. And of course to live as self-sufficiently as possible!

I also have dreams to build a small media studio and teaching facility on the farm so that I and other obsessed 'steaders can share our skills and passions online and in other media outlets. Cinchy, right?   But won't it be fun? 

My "official" Bio:

After a brief sojourn in the field of historic preservation, preceded by and followed by teaching for years, I quit work in order to fulfill my desire of becoming a published writer (it was terrifying) and happily sold the first article I ever wrote to a trade magazine (thank heavens). Many freelance articles and other writing and editing assignments followed and within a year I was a features and garden writer for a state magazine. Since then I have had books published, have begun my own independent publishing and media company, and continue to freelance as a writer and editor for newspapers and magazines as well as being a publishing and media consultant.  

Our Urban 'Stead is located adjacent to the beautiful, harbor front "Old Village" of Mount Pleasant, SC. Our small, cozy home, called "The Tree House" (because of a gorgeous, specimen Live  Oak and other trees, bliss!), boasts a large yard with pocket gardens and mini vegetable plots, a koi pond, a rather pretty chicken coop and tractor and all the animals I can manage to fit in our limited space, namely chickens, a dog, two cats, eleven koi, and a charming dwarf mouse. I regret to say we are mourning the recent loss of another dwarf mouse and dwarf hedgehog, two office mates who are sorely missed. We are endeavoring to persuade the man of the house that some angora bunnies and a bee box would not be a bad idea, either; but fear those additions might have to await full time farm residency. 

As for our current farm life, we own 200 (mostly wild) acres in Aiken County, SC along the longest uninterrupted black water river in North America, the North Fork Edisto. As we endeavor to transition to full time life at the farm, we improve our property as much as possible through ecological preservation efforts, and responsible forestry and wildlife management practices - all of which I write about and you can read about, here. 

I can definitely relate to both urban and rural homesteading efforts and aspirations and enjoy encouraging others in every way possible. 

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